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This site has helped revolutionize education. Students can watch video lessons and test their knowledge, progressing at their own pace, and you can use the site to keep track of your students’ progress. Use this tool to differentiate instruction or to flip your classroom. It’s also a great way for students to review material ahead of tests.`




Some of the best universities in the world collaborated to create this OpenCourseWare site. There’s a high school section that is packed with videos to help for AP test preparation. Many of the courses on the main site are geared toward college graduates or those in college, but there’s plenty that could catch the eye of a high school student. This would be a good tool for students to test their interest in a college major.



This site makes ted-ed-iconthe flipped classroom option look possible — even easy. TED-Ed has thousands of lessons that you can customize with your own questions and resources. If you want to start from scratch, you can upload your own video to YouTube and then use TED-Ed to add written material




MIT designed this site for high school students. Some of the material comes from college courses, and some was created specifically for high schoolers. Students can watch videos and comb through test preparation material. Try out a flipped classroom, or push your accelerated students further. All core subjects are covered, but as you would expect, the science and math are standouts.