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Capuchin Franciscan Saint

Doctor of the Church, Patron Saint of lost things, students of Franciscan schools and the poor.

“Actions speaks louder than words; let your words teach and your action speak. We are full of words, but empty of action, and therefore are cursed by the Lord since He himself cursed the fig tree when He found bo fruit but only leaves.”

Anthony was an intelligent and rich young man from Lisbon, Portugal, whose original name is Fernando Martins de Bulhões. He was first an Augustinian priest who eventually became a Friar Minor due to the courageous witnessing for the faith of Sts. Berard and Companions, the first Martyrs of the Franciscan Order, in Morocco, North Africa. When he became a Franciscan, Fernando adopted the name Anthony in honor of the great hermit saint of Egypt.
Anthony rose to fame as a very popular preacher following his role as a substitute homilist during an ordination ceremony in Forli, Italy. He was the first to teach theology to the friars with
permission from St. Francis of Assisi. As an excellent theologian and preacher, Anthony defended the Church doctrines, especially pertaining the Eucharist, against heretics.
He was canonized in 1232, less than a year after his death. St. Anthony was declared Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius XII in 1946 with the title ‘Doctor Evangelicus’ or Expert of the
Gospels. He was ‘and turn up to be the most famous saint of the Seraphic Order second only to its Founder: Francesco Bernardone.
St. Anthony is the Patron Saint of lost things, students of Franciscan schools and the poor.
Let us imitate him to Become Like Christ!