With the objective of updating Grade 10 Lourdesians on the Senior High School (SHS) program’s latest developments, an orientation was held at the Seraphic Hall last December 14 in the Grade School building of Lourdes School of Quezon City (LSQC).

Discussed by newly appointed Senior High School Coordinator Mr. Marvin de Pano and High School Principal Mrs. Arlyne Hope Blanco, the various components and features of LSQC’s SHS program were detailed.

Meanwhile, Social Action Program (SAP) Coordinator Mr. Carlo Dela Cruz debriefed the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Voucher Program, which extends to Grades 11 and 12.

“The orientation this afternoon will serve its purpose of updating everyone on the SHS to be implemented next school year,” said Mr. de Pano.

With the principal                                                 

Mrs. Blanco started off with reminding the Grade 10 pupils to inform their parents of the SHS program being offered by the school, citing references to the SHS Orientation held for parents last December 12 at the HS Auditorium.

Then, the principal shared “[In 2014], we signed a memorandum of agreement with local barangays and forged linkages with communities for safe researching activities and fact-finding.”

This is parallel to the idea that Senior High is more research-oriented, as implied by Mr. de Pano at the start of the orientation.

The SHS Program has four prime tracks to choose from: Academic, Sports, Arts and Design and Technical-Vocational. Of the four tracks, LSQC shall be offering the Academic Track.

The Academic Track in turn is composed of four strands, two of which will be offered by LSQC: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and General Academic (GA) Strands.

Mrs. Blanco expounded on the all-around nature of GA, “Sa GA, mapapansin niyong kumuha tayo ng courses (equivalent of ‘subjects’ in Junior High) mula sa STEM, GA, Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) at Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMMS). Kaya pag hindi pa kayo sigurado kung ano ang kukunin sa college, mag-GA.”

Further, Mrs. Blanco went on to present the unique Lourdesian curriculum from other schools offering SHS. As stated by Mrs. Blanco, “mas palalawakin pa natin ang ating faith.”

Personal Development, for example, is to be enhanced and offered in the Christian Faith Formation Perspective. On another note, Empowerment Tech courses akin to LSQC shall also be offered as additional courses. “Bakit ba may E-Tech courses tayo? It’s because what is being offered in the SHS Program is being offered now in Junior High. Ganoon ka-advanced ang TLE sa LSQC as a proof of being Level III PAASCU Accredited. Once you graduate from SHS in Lourdes School having taken up these E-Tech courses, you can already avail of the standardized test to earn the National Certificate (NC) offered by TESDA. If you pass this, you can opt to work part-time and earn while pursuing college.”

“Are preparations for SHS complete?” Mrs. Blanco engaged the students in conversation. “Not yet. For one, information dissemination is still ongoing. Two, we’re still in the process of enhancing the curriculum to be more competitive. Paano tayo maiiba sa ibang school kung hindi tayo mage-enrich diba?”

With the SHS Coordinator

In his presentation, Mr. de Pano went on to address frequently asked questions regarding the senior high school set-up in LSQC. The former PEB Adviser went on to share initial details regarding the proposed schedule, new set of uniforms, the ongoing revisions for the student handbook, and many more.

Mr. de Pano also clarified several other details on the roll-out of Senior High next school year.

“Classrooms for Senior High will be located at the third floor. Currently, we have a total of 24 classrooms but only 16 are being used with some converted to offices, so there is enough space to accomodate senior high. Likewise, our four science laboratories are enough. We may have a smaller space compared to other schools but our facilities are more than enough. After all, we would not have been granted permit by DepEd if we haven’t met the requirements although there are plans of physical expansion by the school in the coming years to meet the growing demands of enrollment.” disclosed by Mr. de Pano.

With regard to who will teach Senior High School, the also HS MELP Coordinator hinted that there will be some new faces, while a number of Junior High teachers will be tapped to teach in Senior High mostly academic coordinators and top administrators who aside from being seasoned teachers have master’s degree or are pursuing one at the moment.

The SHS Coordinator also disclosed the school’s tuition fee for Senior High which is relatively lower compared to big universities like UST and DLSU and other high schools of same caliber.

According to the MELP Coordinator, a four-day work week for Senior High is also being considered. Likewise, a new set of uniforms for senior high school students and the revival of the Friday civilian attire policy are already in place for implementation come SY 2016- 2017.

“The schedule is being studied to provide the students more time for independent study as courses will be research- oriented. The new set of uniforms is geared to provide them the proper mindset for a senior high school learner i.e. a notch higher than the junior high school student.”

With the SAP Coordinator

SAP Coordinator Mr. Carlo Dela Cruz updated the Grade 10 students on the DepEd’s Voucher Program.

For a third time in a series of updates spanning the school year, Mr. Dela Cruz stressed the importance of the said voucher program and how potentially helpful it could be for the financially challenged.

“Aminin man natin o hindi, may mga circumstances na kailangan natin ng assistance. Hindi natin makukuha ang Php 18,000 anywhere [nang basta-basta lang],” said Mr. Dela Cruz, referring to the Php 18,000 reduction in the yearly tuition fee courtesy of the Voucher Program.

Recap of past developments

A quick recap of the process leading to Senior High was also covered by the principal in the orientation.

According to Mrs. Blanco, in 2012-2014, LSQC’s High School’s Administration team attended various DepEd conferences and workshops regarding Senior High.

In 2013-2014, an assessment of the school’s resources and facilities was conducted to ensure that Senior High is indeed feasible for LSQC. It was also during this time that the school opted to “enrich” its curriculum.

Mrs. Blanco stressed that the school’s enriched and updated curriculum had to be consciously and consistently aligned with the school’s mission- vision and Capuchin Franciscan values.

Source: www.thepaxetbonum.com