With the theme “Lourdesian: Christian Leader, Community Builder, and Forerunner of the 21stCentury Learning,” the entire Lourdes School Quezon City (LSQC) High School (HS) community launched several programs and week-long activities starting December 12 to signal the kick-off of Academic Week 2015.

Before the commencement of the main event, a prayer service was spearheaded by the Christian Living Education (CLed) Area. CLEd Coordinator Mr. Gervic C. Bautista underscored the importance of showcasing talents and skills as a form of glorifying and thanking the Almighty Father.

Following the prayer service was Araling Panlipinan (AP) Area Coordinator Ms. Myla Belalo, disclosing a brief background pertaining to the Academic Week. She highlighted the unity borne among the different subject areas in the HS Department as each decided to celebrate their themes all at the same time.

HS Principal Mrs. Arlyne Hope B. Blanco addressed her welcoming remarks to the Lourdesian community, emphasizing the whole event as a medium for Lourdesians to share their talents and knowledge to others.

“All the things we learn will only be meaningful when we share these to others,” said Mrs. Blanco.

A couple of performance numbers came up from various clubs and school organizations from the HS Department. Some of these clubs included the Silayaw Dance Troupe, Blue Titan Squad, LSQC Bellas.

Further, some Lourdesian groups such as Broquet and Kreutzers also exhibited their own dance numbers for the community.

DEAL Classes

In line with the Day of Enriched Alternative Learning (DEAL) classes held early of 2015 last school year, the Mastery & Enrichment Learning Program (MELP) conducted yet again several DEAL classes for the students.

Selected resource persons were tapped to facilitate each class, including some alumni and alumnae of the HS department and professionals in different fields of learning.

Grade 6 Orientation to HS Life

School administrators and area coordinators from the HS department prepared a brief orientation in the HS Auditorium for the Grade 6 students coming from the Grade School (GS) department of LSQC.

School Rector Rev. Fr. Alberto S. Poblete, OFMCap. started the program as he proudly presented ‘the brand of Catholic Education’ that LSQC offers to students.

Fr. Poblete said that the education given by the school is centered on humility, preparing students for the life ahead of them.

Consecutively, Mrs. Blanco shared various academic scholarships being offered by the school to qualified students. She also highlighted the uniqueness present in the Catholic Education of the school, as an addition to the earlier statement of Fr. Poblete in the program.

“We do not just focus on education alone, but we also support [it] with Catholic virtues,” said Mrs. Blanco.

Following immediately were student representatives from each year level giving their own testimonies and experiences as HS students.

The Grade 7 level highlighted the adjustments of new students to the culture of HS education; the Grade 8 level emphasized on the importance of making friends and having peers throughout the school year

Meanwhile, the Grade 9 level underscored the important memories and valuable experiences so far for the students in the said level; and the Grade 10 level showcased the uniqueness encapsulated in the education given by the school.

To keep the event lively, a Grade 7 band performed a couple of numbers while the Silayaw Dance Troupe offered the young audience a dance intermission.

Coordinator of the Social Action Program (SAP) Mr. Carlo R. Dela Cruz hinted at the SAP activities and exposure trips to be expected by upcoming students. He also elaborated on the ESC contracting services that can be availed by certain students in need of financial assistance.

Open House Exhibit

Succeeding the said orientation, the annual opening of the Open House Exhibit took place to give the 6th graders and parents alike a further glimpse of the present activities for HS students.

The Science Area demonstrated activities by the use of motion sensors and acidity testers, in the supervision of Ms. Veronica S. Bancayan, science laboratory personnel of the HS department.

The area also featured various projects of HS students including garden dishes, DNA models, and health posters in the exhibit.

The Physical Education (PE) area, with selected students and school varsities, also displayed numerous games in several fields of Sports to showcase the present PE activities that are participated by Lourdesians in the HS department.

On the other hand, an Entrepreneurial Booth was set-up by selected Lourdesians to expose the activities being conducted by the Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) area of the HS department.

Illuminating the ‘livelihood present in TLE education’, the exhibit featured accounting notebooks from the students, business plans from Entrepreneurial Fairs held at the HS department, scrapbooks, and sample shirt designs that were sold at the most recent fair.

The TLE team, with assistance from selected members of the ARTECH club, prepared an interactive set-up, presenting outputs under the Robotics subject of the HS department. This particular exhibit included demonstrations of robotic sensors for motion, light, sound, and ultrasonic waves.

The inter-level exhibit staged at the Blessed Joseph Cadiz Conference Room in the HS department paved way for other subject areas to display their respective activities and projects as well. Some students were tapped to organize an exhibit of their own for their respective year level.

The students were accompanied by members of the Lourdesian Ambassadors and the Citizen Advancement Training (CAT) throughout the tour in the HS department.