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IM Policies



  1. Food and Drinking inside the AVR and centers are strictly prohibited (includes candy, chewing gums, etc.)
  2. Students should be requested to leave their bags inside the classroom or outside the AVR.
  3. Students and teachers are requested to use the main door in going-in and out of the AVR.
  4. Teachers should accompany their class in going to and in leaving the AVR. (first-in, last-out)
  5. Should any damage be done to any equipment, furniture or audio-visual materials, the students or the teacher may be charged the cost of replacement.
  6. Teachers are responsible for the general discipline of their students. Boisterous behavior, prolonged and incessant laughter or noise are discouraged. Vandalism is strictly prohibited.
  7. Only authorized personnel are allowed to handle, set-up, and trouble shoot the equipment.
  8. Teachers are requested to turn-off the lights and lock the main door during periods before recess, lunch or dismissal


Guidelines on the Use of Classroom Technologies

  1. The following are the equipment found inside the classroom:
  • Multimedia Projector w/ remote
  • Widescreen
  • Amplifier and speakers
  • Internet –ready computers
  1. Students occupying the room and teacher in charge are responsible to take good care of the equipment. Should any loss occur or any damage be done to any equipment or material, the students or the teacher may be charged the cost of replacement.
  1. Classroom technologies are strictly to be used for instructional purposes.
  1. Teachers and students are discouraged to use a USB disk to avoid proliferation of virus and instead encourage to use cloud-based storage such as the GOOGLE DRIVE or locally shared folder.