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Mission, Vision, Goals

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The mission of the school library program is to provide an inviting, dynamic learning environment and services that support and enhance teaching, literacy and learning.

To support this mission, the school library:

  • Provides all members of the learning community access to a supportive, welcoming and learner-centered environment.
  • Works in collaboration with teachers, administrators, support staff and parents to provide learning experiences that promote student achievement.
  • Fosters the development of reading skills and provides experiences that expand and reinforce classroom reading instruction.
  • promotes life-long learning through information literacy instruction that is integrated with classroom content
  • Promotes critical thinking, engagement with information in all of its forms and the use of technology to enhance learning.
  • Communicates library program plans, needs and accomplishments to administrators and teachers.



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To support Lourdes School Quezon City’s Learning Standards across the curriculum with quality media resources that enable teachers and students to meet their instructional needs.


A. To improve the quality of services and efficiency in the delivery of the same by:
1. maximizing existing facilities and technological infrastructure;
2. acquiring needed equipment, devices and materials that have potential to enrich the teaching-learning process;
3. disseminating information that encourage and provide guidance in the use  of materials and resources;
4. implementing policies that will ensure the systematic delivery and access to instructional resources and related
technological services and facilities.

B. To provide leadership, instruction, and consulting assistance in the use of instructional and information technology and the use of instructional materials design principles.

C. To provide resources and activities that will aid in the development of desirable teaching practices and that will help promote better student achievement.






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