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Library Policies


No ID, No Entry

All users are requested to register by scanning theirs IDs through the multi directional scanner, located at the entrance of the library

Your ID will serve as your library card



  1. Before entering the library, bags, thick folders/envelopes, containers, umbrellas, etc. should be left outside and placed in the depository. Only needed notebooks, papers, and writing materials maybe brought into the reading area. The library area will not be held responsible for any loss of student’s belongings.
  2. Before leaving the library, you are requested to present all materials you are carrying for inspections to the person in charge of the exit.
  3. Mutilation, hiding, forging, stealing and vandalism of library properties are punishable with severe disciplinary action.
  4. Always observe SILENCE at all times.
  5. Meetings and group discussions that disturb others are strictly prohibited.
  6. Eating, loud talking, chewing gum, drinking are prohibited.
  7. Leave the books on the table after reading them.
  8. Chairs should be properly returned/arranged before leaving.
  9. Students are not allowed to do school projects in the library.
  10. Observe seating capacity rules.


  1. Only one (1) section/class is allowed to hold library visitation, however two (2) classes/sections maybe allowed at the same time for research and other school related activities, provided that there is an integration between two (2) subject areas.
  2. Arrangements for classes/part of classes or library visitation must be made at least one (1) day in advance.
  3. Students will not be allowed inside the library if no teacher is around.
  4. Library is not a venue for giving quizzes and examinations except the Special examination given every quarter.
  5. Roll call, announcements, assignments, reminders should be done before the class come to the library.
  6. If the entire class is visiting the library, a teacher should accompany the class and remain in the library for the entire period.
  7. Always observe proper decorum.
  8. Five minutes before the end of the period, all materials not to be checked out must be returned on the book track or leave them on the tables. Any pieces of paper must be picked up, the chairs and tables must be arranged properly before going back to the classroom.
  9. Generally, any grade year level subject or committee meetings are not allowed inside the library. However, should there be an urgent need for a venue, the faculty section maybe reserve. Reservations should be done through the librarian. No food or drinks will be allowed inside.