The Lourdesian bloodline is not just deemed excellent for nothing.

Selected Grade School (GS) students proved that as they brought home the bacon from the 36th Children’s Museum and Library Inc. (CMLI) Annual National Graders Convention, held last September 3 to 7, 2015 at Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City.

The said event themed, “The CMLI and the Filipino Youth: Trailblazing a Filipino Identity in the Global Year,” was organized by student representatives, from different schools, aiming to enhance the youth’s skill through contests and workshops.

To learn more about the organization, you may visit their Facebook (FB) pages: (https://www.facebook.com/CMLIofficial/) or (https://www.facebook.com/CMLIJCAA).


Reaped Achievements

CMLI contests are categorized into two types: excellence and entertainment. The contests revolve on the mentioned theme of the year.

The former type composes of News Writing, Essay Writing, Poetry Writing, Story Telling, Extemporaneous Speaking, Poster Making, Comic-Strip Making and the Pop Quiz Hot Shots, most of which use the English and Filipino medium.

Meanwhile, the latter type focuses on the delegates’ non-academic talent, composing of Original Pinoy Music (OPM) Solo Singing, Hip Hop Dance Competition, Talent Variety Show, Character Portrayal, and the Mr. and Ms. GradersCon 2015 Pageant.

Lourdes School of Quezon City’s (LSQC) contestants fought their way to victory, besting more than 700 GS delegates nationwide from both public and private schools.

Here are the winners for the contests (Excellence):


Pop Quiz (Hot Shots):

Jon Paul B. Serafico (Gr. 6 – St. Peter)

Juan Paolo F. Obien (Gr. 6 – St. Peter)

Silver Medal:

Story Telling (English):

Johann Heinrich Mitchell P. Del Rosario (Gr. 6 – St. Peter)

Gold Medal:

Essay Writing (Filipino):

Miguelito Jose S. Aquino (Gr. 5 – Assisi)

Poetry Writing (English):

Marco Andre L. San Diego (Gr. 6 – St. Peter)

The convention also holds workshops which are chosen by the students through preference upon registration. These classes include Singing, Dancing, Creative Writing, Photography, Handicrafts, Theater, Modelling, Cartooning, Journalism, and VJ Hosting.

Some of Lourdes School of Quezon City’s (LSQC) delegates were recognized as “Best in Workshop” for their active participation.

Here are the names of the awarded Lourdesians:

Best in Workshop:

Modelling: Aidan Zyke R. Samson (Gr. 4 – Guadalupe)

Singing: Joshua Dale D. Guerrero (Gr. 5 – Assisi)

Photography: Stephen Daniel C. Busico (Gr. 6 – St. Peter)

Theatre (Individual Category):

Jan Arthur V. Delos Reyes (Gr. 5 – Assisi)

Marco Andre L. San Diego (Gr. 6 – St. Peter)

Theater (Group Category):

Nigel Joachim L. Obach (Gr. 5 – Assisi)

Jan Arthur V. Delos Reyes (Gr. 5 – Assisi)

Mervin Joseph C. Gatpandan (Gr. 6 – St. Peter)

Marco Andre L. San Diego (Gr. 6 – St. Peter)


What to expect in CMLI

Aside from the contests and workshops mentioned, CMLI hosts other activities wherein delegates from different schools will be grouped together.

During the convention’s Opening Ceremony, the organizers recognize the participating schools registered in the event.

Rules, regulations, upcoming events and other important matters are discussed to the students during the Orientation and Acquaintance (ONA).

The Literary Musical (LITMUS) is a platform for the contestants to express what they have learned in the convention through acting, singing, dancing and other methods.

Other events not mentioned all revolve on the yearly theme CMLI has.

Lastly, the activities of the convention are wrapped up through the recognition of winners in the competitions and workshops during the Closing Ceremony.


Edited by : John Carl Ramos