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Security, Welfare and Maintenance


 The pursuit to quality Catholic education requires rigid rules on discipline and safety. The school believes that only through discipline that the safety and well-being of students are guaranteed so that excellence can thrive in an educational setting.

The Security and Welfare Service Office takes charge of the campus safety and security. It is responsible for the maintenance of an environment conducive for learning and for the implementation of rules and regulations that will ensure peace and order for the general welfare of all members of the community. Lourdes School believes that with the standards set and practiced by the Security and Welfare Services Office, it will deter if not eradicate possible threats that will guarantee campus safety and security thus resulting to the employees’ and students’ development of their full potentials.


 The physical plant vis – a – vis its maintenance is as vital as the enlisting of competent and dedicated personnel in the pursuit of academic excellence. Their complementary and supplementary roles in the over-all scholastic endeavors undeniably reinforce and sustain the long-term goals of ensuring the continual delivery of quality education. More often that not, with the availability of necessary facilities, curricular designs, no matter how lofty they are, become more viable and attainable. Notwithstanding, the rigorous academic formation the students are constrained to come to grip with, they always manage to overcome the odds partly due to the comfort and reassurance they imbibe as they take advantage of their privilege to make use of the physical resources the school can offer.

Mr. Jun C. Arrojo
Head, Security, Welfare and Maintenance

Support Staff
Mr. Aldin D. Acuna
Mr. Joel F. Dela Torre
Mr. Lydio Habana Jr.
Mr. Domingo Abayan
Mr. Gregorio P. Inosanta
Mr. Jerry De Leon
Mr. Jon-Jon-Teves