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Health Services

Education, emergency care, preventive services, referral and management of acute and chronic conditions are the main goals of the Health Services Area. It aims to promote the health of the school populace, identify and prevent health problems and injuries, and ensure care for students and employees.
The Health Services Area’s general objective is to implement and make available the health services that can preserve and promote the physical, biological and social well-being of students and employees, aiming to mold them into a healthy and wholesome school population. Our goal is to promote and maintain the physical and mental health of the school population and our vision is to have a healthy school community. Furthermore, our mission is to conduct health care services in the highest form of professionalism guided by high standards of competence, love of work, compassion and commitment.


Dr. Joshua Dave Lerma


Dr. Ma. Resurreccion A. Vergara


Mr. Jesus Romeo R. Verayo Jr., RN