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Enrollment Procedure

Enrollment Procedure SY 2019-2020


  1. Click the parent portal menu or icon.
  2. Register in the parent portal.
  3. Login in the parent portal using username and password. Use your valid email address as your username and create your own password.
    The registered email address will be used in all official school transactions such as sending statement of accounts, etc.
  4. Click Guardian Profile Maintenance. Add children currently enrolled in school. Wait within 24 hours for validation.
  5. Upon validation, you may view your child’s information and conduct on-line enrollment assessment.


  1. Login in the parent portal using username and password and view the enrolled child.
  2. Click Update Students Information to update child’s information. Complete all the information as this will be used in all concern offices (APSA, Guidance, Clinic, etc.)
  3. Click the Enrollment/Registration for online assessment.
  4. Select Terms of Payment (Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly).
  5. Press Compute for Accounts Button to view summary of accounts and amount to be paid.
  6. Press Print Assessment Form button. Print the assessment and enrollment form in a short bond paper (8.5 X 11).
  7. Bring the forms during the scheduled enrolment date and proceed to the cashier.
  8. After payment, proceed to the registrar’s office for enrolment confirmation and submission of the enrolment form.


  1. Login using your account in the parent portal.
  2. Click the Bookstore Order Assessment Icon
  3. Enter your child’s student number.
  4. Choose the books to be purchased.
  5. Press the CONTINUE button and a message prompt will appear asking: Would you like to purchase this item today? Upon clicking yes, the book assessment form will be printed. Print the form in a short bond paper (8.5 x 11).
  6. Bring the printed books assessment during the scheduled enrolment date and proceed to the book store cashier located at the St. Pio Hall.
  7. Claim the book in the GS library.