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Our Role

  • To act as the principal representative body of the member parents/guardians in seeking every form of available assistance relative to its objectives and purposes.
  • To assist, support and cooperate with the Lourdes School Quezon City, in the formulation and attainment of its ideals and objectives, particularly those relating to the educational, moral and wholistic upliftment of our children.
  • To serve as forum for discussion and enlightenment of the parents and/or guardians in the matter of school policies, procedures and programs as they affect students’ right and welfare.
  • To support, assist, adopt, formulate, and carry our measures, activities, projects, and undertaking to help attain and promote our children’s individual and collective needs and interests as well as those of the school administration, faculty and personnel.
  • work alongside the school’s admin and staff to bridge the gap between home and school.
  • advocate for students and families.

The Family Council also provides a willing workforce for the school when extra hands are needed thru:

  • social events to bond the school community.
  • extra-curricular activities and support parents through times of change.

Members of the Family Council are well informed of the school’s steadfastness and enthuse about it to enhance LSQC’s reputation to the wider community.