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Guidance Program


The Guidance Program seeks to facilitate the formation of individuals who in the actualization of their God-given potentials become mature Christians. It aims to develop healthy persons who are capable of making sound decisions as guided by Filipino and Christian Values and who, by the positive example of their lives, can lead others to share in that life.
Guidance Center is a place where atmosphere of love, acceptance, and understanding prevails for a person to be able to express himself without fear of being rejected. It aims to help students to become aware of themselves, to identify and accept their strengths and weaknesses and responsibility for self-improvement, to develop interpersonal skills and promote the spirit of brotherhood, and to identify and develop their leadership potentials.
Guidance services include counseling, individual inventory, testing, information, career guidance, research and evaluation, follow-up, homeroom guidance, and training and facilitating.

Guidance Counselor

Kayle Andrew M. Castro

 Guidance Associates
Maria Catalina Bulalacao
Chiara Marie P. Villavicencio

Elyssa Mae Tarras