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The Library plays a very important role in education. It is the center for all learning materials required to support the institutional program and to attain the objectives of the school in general and the aims of teachers, administrators, and students in particular. It supports the curriculum of the school and its instructional program and to expand the students’ reading enjoyment.

The library opens more opportunities for the growth and development of the students in pursuit of learning enrichment and intellectual excellence. It also plays an integral and indispensable role in enhancing the skills and capabilities of all individuals since learning is a continuous process.

With the presence of a variety of facilities to meet the research and study needs of the students, faculty members, and alumni, the library serves as the nuclei for the intellectual life of the LSQC community.

  • Library Orientation

This has already become an integral part of the library activities in relation to the use of books and the library It aims to acquaint students with the library facilities, services, and resources.

  • Library Instruction Program

It aims to provide the basic knowledge and skills needed to acquire rich information through the use of library resources and facilities. Additionally, this is done to help students improve their skills through library instruction program and be able to comprehend and value the library as a place for exploration

  • Reader’s Services

It is a service that involves suggesting fiction and nonfiction titles to a reader through direct or indirect means.

  • Circulation Services

The circulation involves lending, renewal, maintenance of books, maintenance of statistics and survey of user’s needs.

Instructional Media Center

The IMC as part of the Library Area houses audio-visual and non-print materials that are especially selected, organized, prepared, evaluated and administered for the purpose of classroom instruction and to promote, stimulate and expand intellectual, reading, listening and viewing interest of students and employees.  It provides up-to-date instructional materials, technology resources, and a system to meet the recreational viewing, instructional, and research needs of the school.

  • Multimedia Services

The AVR and Studio provides an audio-visual support service to facilitate the teaching and learning activities of LSQC community.

  • Photocopying Services