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Scholarship Programs


The Financial Assistance Program (FAP) of Lourdes School is a commitment to help equalize educational opportunities through study grants to male and female children from low-income families. Deserving graduates from public elementary schools in La Loma and Sta. Mesa Heights districts, and who are members of the Sta. Teresita Del Niño Jesus Parish and the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish are recruited for high school every year as beneficiaries of this program.

The FAP is open to incoming Grade 7 students only. To qualify, the applicant must have

1. an academic grade average of 88% with no grade lower than 85% in any subject
2. a conduct grade of 88% or B+
3. family income not higher than P250,000.00 per year

Study grants ranges from 25% to 100% discount on tuition fees as may be decided upon by the Committee on Aid and Scholarship. All student grantees retain the benefit until graduation provided he/she meets the financial requirements and the following scholastic requirements:

1. a final average grade of 80% with no failing grade in any subject.
2. an average conduct grade of at least 80% or B-.

For inquiries, please see the Guidance Head or call the Guidance Office at telephone numbers: 7315159 / 7315127 loc 110 or 209.


1. The valedictorian and salutatorian from the grade school of LSQC and from other schools are given 100% and 50% discounts respectively on fees during their first year in high school.
2. High school and grade school students of LSQC who obtain the highest and second highest academic averages at the end of the school year will get 100% and 50% discount on tuition fees respectively, in the next school year.


The Education Service Contracting (ESC) Program under the Government Assistance to Students and Teachers on Private Education (GASTPE) is a demonstration of the Government’s commitment to maintainthe viability of private education as a key partner in the delivery of quality basic education.

ESC is aimed at democratizing and improving access to quality secondary education through government extension of financial assistance to deserving elementary schools. It is geared towards reducing the class size to manageable levels in public high schools, especially those experiencing shortage of classrooms and teachers.

Program beneficiaries of ESC participating high schools are assured of the government requirements for as long as they meet the requirements for regular promotion to each of the succeeding school years until they graduate.



1. The ESC grants shall cover the four (4) years of secondary education from Grade 7 to graduation. They can start only at the freshmen level. No new grants shall be awarded to higher year levels.
2. The grant is deemed renewed for the next school year if the student passes in all subjects, is promoted to next year level and enrols in the same school Since ESC is a system of financial assistance to grantees, no maintaining grade for retention in the program.
3. Grantees will still be qualified to accept other scholarship or financial support from organizations or entities.


1. The amount of the subsidy shall be Ten Thousand Pesos (Php 10,000.00) per grantee for an entire school year.
2. The same amount will be enjoyed by the grantee until graduation.


1. Preference of subsidy shall be given to graduates of public elementary schools.
2. Graduates of private elementary schools may be accepted based on the deliberations of the School Committee in consideration of the following:
a. Parents’ latest Annual Income Tax Return whose joint gross annual income does not exceed Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 300,000.00);
b. The family had a history of delayed payments in the school (for LSQC students);
c. No financial help from relatives is extended to the family;
d. Previous Academic and Conduct Standing; and/or
e. Result of Entrance Examinations and Interviews.